The TRAIL Annual Event 2023 'Trustworthy AI' - Highlights

In our quest for Trustworthy AI, where do we stand at Walloon, Belgian federal and European level? How is Trusted AI Labs integrating ethics into the research carried out by its inter-university and inter-research centre community?

Our researchers and sector experts expressed their views on the potential abuses of AI, the preventive measures put in place, and the opportunities it offers in critical sectors. Whether in #Health, #Environment, #Justice, #Mobility-SmartCity or #Media.

Discover the highlights of our 2nd Annual Event

Round Tables

On 9 June, we had the opportunity to hear the views of some key speakers on our shared goal of Trustworthy AI, the AI Act and the socio-economic opportunities of AI. We got a high-level overview of our policies and decision-makers’ challenges, as well as an accurate view of the AI impact on critical sectors of our society.

TRAIL's Updates

AI is entering a period of undeniable momentum. TRAIL, as the representative of application research in French-speaking Belgium, has reaffirmed its ambitions, its progress and its commitments. On the road to Trustworthy AI.

Presentations by sector experts

What is the impact of AI on the following critical sectors?

TRAIL Collaboration with AI4Belgium and DigitalWallonia4AI

Consistency between Belgian and Walloon federal AI strategies is essential. The dissemination of these from TRAIL to its community of researchers and companies developing and using AI is at the heart of our concerns. We are united in our efforts to ensure that our Belgian AI skills have an international impact.

The Best Option teaser par Serge Goriely

“Sous l’influence d’un mystérieux spécialiste de l’intelligence artificielle, Mina s’est fait implanter une assistante virtuelle, Clara. Celle-ci lui permet d’accomplir son rêve d’être photographe, mais la détourne de Ben, son compagnon, qui ne la reconnaît plus.”

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