Opportunities for Industrial Players

TRAIL is also the ambition to align the research orientations with the R&D application problems of the Walloon socio-economic fabric. While preserving a cutting-edge research, to develop AI solutions in the priority sectors defined by the Regional Policy Declaration (DPR) of the Walloon Government and in coherence with the DigitalWallonia4.ai Program and the AI4Belgium strategy.
In concrete terms, TRAIL is a consortium of 6 French-speaking Belgian Universities , 4 Research Centres and Business Partners specialised in AI.

Here are the opportunities offered to you:

  • A connection to a growing community of more than 150 AI researchers
  • Presentations of the best emerging AI tools by champions
  • The discovery of new AI solutions in the context of Grand Challenges
  • Access to a common experimentation space and a Market Place: The TRAIL Factory
  • Advice on how to integrate AI into your business plan

*Executive membership is free