Opportunities for International Stakeholders

TRAIL capitalizes on the expertise of a significant number of researchers and focuses its research efforts on 4 themes in which the knowledge in the Walloon Region does not exclusively concern AI but also other digital  competences recognized as excellent at the international  level (Human Computer Interaction, Cryptography, multimodal signal processing, …). In addition to this contribution to cutting-edge research, a constant effort is made to ensure that this research leads to solutions in artificial intelligence to the Grand Challenges that have been co-created with key companies in the sector (both AI users and AI service providers).

More concretely, international players who are interested in this work have the following opportunities available to them:


  • Belgian partners with the required and trusted expertise for the development and submission of European projects. It is always interesting to consult our section on maturing projects.
  • The possibility to participate in the Grand Challenges remotely or on site during the organization of the TRAIL International Workshops
  • The possibility to be regularly informed about the latest news in AI research in French-speaking Belgium (the AI crossroads, the Belgian AI week, etc. …)