TRAIL Factory

The TRAIL Factory constitutes a platform for the efficient operationalisation of technological building blocks and methodologies for the introduction of new AI-driven processes, and facilitates their dissemination and valorisation. In order to maximise the impact of the TRAIL Factory, TRAIL researchers contribute to deliver completed, documented and distributed bricks under open licences compatible with proprietary use. 

The TRAIL Factory gathers : 

  • Open source and other software bricks developed by TRAIL partners,
  • Datasets collected and possibly annotated by TRAIL partners,
  • Methodologies or guidelines developed by TRAIL and provided in the form of white papers,
  • Service offers concerning expertise or infrastructures for companies proposed by TRAIL,
  • Open Science connectors (source or data) useful to the community, especially those made available by public services and TRAIL’s partner companies.

The visibility of the TRAIL Factory is ensured in particular by :

  • An online platform including the above-mentioned source codes and datasets as well as the documentation facilitating the appropriation of the tools, and having for vocation to be interactive, thus allowing the companies and entrepreneurs to comment on the bricks, to plebiscite the most useful bricks or to request the organisation of tutorials.
  • Online tutorials (webinars or pre-recorded videos) to make it easier to learn the tools.
  • Events and workshops for companies highlighting the technological bricks “available on the shelf”. The organisation of an annual forum for industrialists, such as the “AI Research
  • Conference”, is being considered.
  • The integration of these bricks in training courses for companies (such as those provided by Numeria or universities)
  • The involvement of companies themselves in the platform. The Walloon and Brussels industrial, entrepreneurial, social or public fabric will be able to post its own open source AI bricks and reference OpenData connectors to feed the TRAIL Factory and increase its potential impact for the entire TRAIL partner ecosystem.