Industrial Players

In its intervention logic, TRAIL must, in addition to training talent in artificial intelligence, have a socio-economic impact. The ambition is to ensure that AI research can meet the R&D application problems of the Walloon socio-economic fabric. In order for this connection to take place and for projects to materialise, we must be in contact with companies and have a vision of their needs. To this end, a membership programme has been launched.

We work with different types of companies and players:

  • AI Solutions Architects: companies that offer their clients solutions based on artificial intelligence ;
  • Innovative AI Users: companies from various sectors that use AI to develop their business and which, depending on their size, may or may not have an R&D department in this field ;
  • AI Legal & Ethical: companies and consultancies that are interested in the legal and ethical implications of the use of AI and data to which it is intrinsically linked.
  • Key Facilitators: players who have been active in the digital and other key AI sectors for several years (incubators, venture capitalists, clusters, federations, public bodies,...). With their support, we are here to facilitate, to offer a trusted environment in which certain ideas can be tested.

Below you will find profiles of the companies and organisations we are proud to have in our ecosystem.

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Acapela Group



B12 Consulting

Business & Decision

Cortex Machina




HighWay AI


Kando Care


Phoenix AI



Telespazio Belgium

Thales Alenia Space

Thales Group Belgium