The TRAIL graduate school seminars are mainly intended for PhD students doing research in AI.  

They are organised within the framework of TRAIL and funded by the CIL Graduate School and SPW-Research.  The CIL doctoral school (Computational Intelligence and Learning) is a thematic doctoral school of the FNRS, whose current president is Pierre GEURTS, member of the TRAIL steering committee. 

The TRAIL seminars take place every X of the month, in hybrid mode (face-to-face and online). Each seminar focuses on a specific topic. Typically, the programme is as follows:  



Introductory lecture 


Tips of the month (by the Réseau LiEU)  

16h45 -17h30 

Pitches by researchers and Tool Champions  

The aim of the introductory lecture is to present a research topic/area to the doctoral students. It can be a high-level presentation or a more technical presentation.  

Tips of the month are usually a presentation given by someone from the LiEU (Lien Entreprises-Universités) network on the economic valorisation of research.   

The researcher pitches are short presentations of 5 minutes. The aim is to allow researchers to present their research topic and thus encourage exchanges within the TRAIL research community.  The research topic does not have to be related to the main theme of the seminar.   

Tool champions are researchers who have mastered a specific tool/software and who are the contact person within TRAIL for this tool.   

Although TRAIL seminars are primarily designed for doctoral students, companies are also cordially invited. This allows these firms to learn about different cutting-edge areas of AI and also promotes exchanges between PhD students and companies.

The seminars of the doctoral school are announced via the mailing lists of TRAIL, the FNRS CIL school and ADN. Their announcements are also relayed in Flanders by the “Vlaams AI Academy”. On average, the number of participants is around 70-80.


Once confirmed, TRAIL doctoral seminars will appear in the general agenda

All seminars will be announced on the CIL doctoral school mailing list. You can subscribe to this mailing list here.