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Training AI talents

TRAIL aims at creating a structure allowing to mobilize the research and innovation capacities of the Walloon and Brussels regions for their socio-economic development in the field of Artificial Intelligence in coherence with the regional policies conducted in this field. 

To this end, TRAIL interacts with the socio-economic fabric to transmit and enrich, through new challenges, the expertise and tools developed in the field of Artificial Intelligence by Universities and approved Research Centres, within the framework of publicly or privately funded projects.

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Economic valorisation of IA research

UPDATE We are in the press: https://www.regional-it.be/detached/trail-trusted-ai-labs-maximise-impact-de-la-recherche-ia-sur-le-tissu-socioeconomique/ A little over a year ago, the TRAIL initiative was launched to boost AI research and enable it to accelerate this strategic field

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3 months ago

Trusted AI Labs
🎫 Hybrid Seminar for PhD students doing #AI researchThis year, the seminars of our Doctoral School are organized alternately with VAIA – Flanders AI Academy.The first one is hosted by TRAIL and will focus on "Machine learning for multivariate time series: from forecasting to causal inference".📆 November 18, from 2 to 5 p.m.📍 BeCentral: Cantersteen 12, Brussels.🌐 On Teams.👉 To discover the Program and Register:www.cil.uliege.be/trail_doctoral_seminars/abstracts_2022_2023/abstract_bontempi_lenaerts.htmlUniversité Catholique de Louvain, ULB – Université libre de Bruxelles , UMONS & UMONS Recherche & Innovation, Université de Namur, Université de Liège, Cenaero, CETIC, Multitel, Sirris, Wallonie.be (SPW Recherche), Agence du Numérique (AdN), AI4Belgium, Digital Wallonia, NCP Wallonie#DoctoralSchools #VAIA #TRAIL #PhDStudent See MoreSee Less
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