As a specialist in signal processing and machine learning, Emmanuel Jean is a researcher in the AI group of Multitel. His areas of interest are data analysis and deep learning. His current research focuses on the development of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.

In VIADUCT, his work focuses on a new multimodal, adaptive and speech-centric human/machine interface in semi-autonomous cars. As the new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are little used due to a lack of trust, a voice assistant has been developed to reassure the driver by providing the information necessary for its use. He also leads the working group on ‘Trusted artificial intelligence for critical systems’ of the ARIAC project.

The industrialization of AI is a crucial issue for industrial and economic competitiveness. However, AI-based systems are increasingly complex and appear as black boxes, which creates mistrust and hinders the adoption of its new technologies, particularly in sensitive sectors such as aeronautics, space or Medicine. In order to make AI-based systems trustworthy, it is necessary to develop tools and methods to industrialize certified AI based on the principles of explainability, robustness and compliance with ethics and legal and regulatory frameworks.