In addition to the research work carried out by TRAIL, DFKI and Berlin Partner, a number of events are planned for the 2022 Summer Workshop in collaboration with WBI, AWEX and NCP.

This event is accessible onsite and online!

Here is a first overview that will be updated throughout the summer.

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Themes of this Workshop 2022:​

Embedded AI

  • Extending ROS2SWARM for a swarm robotics task allocation scenario

  • Semi-supervised image classification using Deep Learning models


  • Prediction of the temperature field in the case of an evolving domain during the additive manufacturing process with Machine Learning

  • On-the-fly Domain Adaptation

Trusted AI

  • Trustworthy optimization of neighbor embedding algorithms: towards explainability by design in exploratory data visualization

  • Explainable artificial intelligence techniques and their use as tools

  • Bias Detection on Image or Text Data and their Mitigation on Models

Human AI

  • Clustering of energy consumption profiles in residential buildings

  • Active learning framework for Additive Manufacturing labeling

  • Knowledge distillation for context-aware large-scale surveillance in smart-cities

  • Federated Recommender System for the medical field equipped with a data inference engine

  • SDG Coding Challenge

  • User annotation quality evaluation toolbox


14/09 : EU Projects and Technological Partnerships Sessions

Location: Belgian Embassy in Berlin, Jägerstrasse 52-53, 10117 Berlin

12:30 – 13:00 : Registration and coffee
13:00 – 13:05: Welcome Address

Ms. Pascale Delcomminette (CEO of WBI (Wallonie-Bruxelles International) and AWEX (Walloon Trade & Export Agency))

13:05 – 13:20 : Presentation of Berlin Partner and their services

Philipp GÜNTHER, Senior Projektmanager Innovation im Bereich IKT

13:20 – 13:35: Presentation of the TRAIL (Trusted AI Lab Institute)

Prof. Thierry Dutoit, UMONS & TRAIL President

13:35 – 14:10 :  Presentation of R&I funding opportunities in AI between Wallonia and Belgium

1. Horizon Europe 2023-2024 / Digital Europe 2023 (20 min)


  • Lison RABUEL, ADVISOR Digital, Security and Defence – NCP-Wallonia
  • Dimitri JUNGBLUT, NKS-Deutschland – Research Associate, Department of the Project Management of the German Aerospace Center (DLR)/ NCP for Digital and Industrial Technologies)

2. IRA-SME / CORNET Programmes (ERA-Nets) (15min)

Speaker :

14:10 – 14:20 :  Coffee Break
14:20 – 16:50:  German / Walloon Keynotes

1. Health (14:20 – 15:10)

  • Prof. Dr. Med. Petra RITTER, Head of the Section Brain Simulation – La Charité & Testing and Experimentation Facility – Health AI Europe
  • Dr. François ROUCOUX, Director of the Medical Information Department – Hospital & Healthcare Division – ISPPC – CHU DE CHARLEROI) – Win2Wal – ALCOP project
  • Prof. Dr. Med Giovanni BRIGANTI, Leader at AI4Health group – AI4Belgium & Associate Professor / Chair of AI & Digital Medicine – Faculty of Medicine of UMONS
  • Prof-Dr. Benoît MACQ (UCLouvain, TRAIL) – Initiative stratégique S3 – MedResyst

2. Additive Manufacturing (Network) (15:10 – 15:40)

  • Stefanie BRICKWEDE, Managing Director – MGA (Mobility goes Additive)
  • Dr. Caroline SAINVITU , Senior Research Scientist in Machine Learning and Optimization – CENAERO


3. TRUSTED AI + overview of opportunities of Technological Collaboration in Germany and Wallonia (15:40 – 16:20)

  • Christian MULLER, Head of Competence Center Autonomous Driving – German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Saarland Informatics Campus (DFKI)
    •  CLAIRE, der Confederation of Laboratories for AI Research in Europe – Germany
    • Trusted AI activities in DFKI
  • Sandrine BROGNAUX, Scientific advisor in ICT – Research Support and Knowledge Transfer Office  & The EU Projects opportunities within the RESEAU LIEU
  • Prof. Axel LEGAY, UClouvain & Head of Cyberwal


4. Opportunities of collaboration in Applied Research Center (16:20 – 16:50)

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas WIEGAND, Executive Director – Fraunhofer HHI & TUBerlin)
  • Dr. Jean-Yves PARFAIT, Head of Artificial Intelligence Research Group – MULTITEL
16:50 – 17:30 : 5 min Impulse Introduction for each Berlin/Walloon

Topics and draft ideas + networking:
(1) Manufacturing Industry, (2) AI, Data and Robotics, (3) Trust-based AI Leadership.

We invite you to discover their innovative services:


15/09 : Visit of the Berlin AI ecosystem and organisation of B2B meetings.

Location: Charité Lab for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (CLAIM)

Meeting with Dr Dietmar Frey (Head of CLAIM) and several experts from CLAIM in order to discuss about potential R&I Projects and Technological partnerschips :

  • Presentation of expertises from both sides (Wallonia and Charité);
  • Roundtables dedicated to specific topics :
    • AI tools for the diagnosis of ADHD through VR and EEG signals;
    • AI tools for assessing the microstructure of the white matter of the brain: application to  stroke recovery and multiple sclerosis assessment;
    • AI tools for intensive care: how to use federated learning in a coalitional active learning approach;
    • Image guided protontherapy using AI;
    • BigPicture and, 2 European proposals with strong involvement of companies from Wallonia.
  • Networking.

16/09 : Closing event of the TRAIL Summer Workshop

After two weeks of intense work, the TRAIL and DKFI researchers present their projects.

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