Xtended Reality (XR) and more specifically Virtual Reality (VR) are mostly known for gaming interactions. However, XR applications can do much more by simulating a world where people can cooperate, learn and interact with other people, objects or avatars. People can then experience situations and events that are either impossible, too dangerous, or ethically inappropriate to experience in reality. 

Short description

Two important drawbacks of XR immersion are that (i) XR is mainly a solitary experience lacking continuity with the real world and (ii) it is mainly scripted with explicit controls but not reactive to implicit behaviour. 

XRMedium project intends to provide an AI-based generic platform which implements a full assistant for optimizing people training or optimizing environments for people in complex social XR environments. The system will be able to help (i) before the training and/or optimization in the planning part, (ii) during the training and/or optimization by proposing XR scenario adaptation in real-time and, (iii) after the training with summarizations for providing or getting feedback. 


1 (University) 

Université de Mons


2 (University) 

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven – Tue 


3 (Company) 

FundingBox Communicaties SL – FBC  


4 (Company) 

FundingBox Accelerator SP Zoo – FBA


5 (Company) 

Eodyne Systems SL


6 (Company) 

Numeromedia  GMBH – NURO  


7 (Company) 

Hegias AG


8 (Company) 

Wellics LTD

United Kingdom  

9 (University) 

Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis – CERTH  


10 (University) 

National Technical University Of Athens – NTUA- ICCS  


Status of the project