The TRAIL 2020 Workshop, which was supposed to take place face-to-face from 31/8 to 10/9 2020, was strongly impacted by health constraints.

The launch day could be held in Tournai on 31 August. The teams were formed and the leaders publicly presented their objectives. The rest of the worshop was conducted online, with each participant working from home or from their home laboratory.

The following projects were completed:

3 projects from the company’s needs

  • P1: Autonomous avatar laboratory (Alterface, RTBF)
  • P2: Event detection in compressed video for privacy-friendly video surveillance (Intopix, ACIC)
  • P3: Decomposition of radiological images into intrinsic components (several Walloon companies are involved in the creation or use of radiological imaging systems).

3 generic projects to provide tools to the R&D community

  • P4: Toolbox for multimodal learning
  • P5: 3D object detection using adaptive neural networks
  • P6: Autonomous navigation system for robots

Several invited talks were organised in the morning during the workshop:

  • 1/9 ADN, Introduction to the program and 2 testimonies of Start IA first call
  • 2/9 Laurent RENARD, Phoenix-AI, Embedded AI for security and surveillance opening new perspectives
  • 3/9 F. PEETERS/C. MONTOISY Introduction to the Réseau IA
  • 4/9 Loic DE VISSCHER, Sébastien BARBIERI, RTBF – AI challenges in the Media
  • 7/9 François LAMBOTTE, UCL, Opening the black box of health data factories: an ethnography of a French Cancer Registry
  • 8/9 Sabine DEMEY, Imec Flanders, AI research program
  • 9/9 Use cases of the first Tremplin IA call (DW4AI): Olifood (Olivier Lefevre) & AI4GIS (Olivier Dubois)Use cases of the first Tremplin IA call (DW4AI): Olifood (Olivier Lefevre) & AI4GIS (Olivier Dubois)

The final day on 10/9 in Tournai allowed everyone to appreciate the results obtained in the projects, and was the occasion to formally inaugurate the TRAIL institute in the presence of ministers Demotte, Crucke, and Di Rupo.