Steering Committee


It is the decision-making body of TRAIL. In particular, it decides on : 

  • The definition of strategic orientations (scientific, financial, international…);
  • The definition of global and annual objectives and associated indicators;
  • The definition of priorities in actions; 
  • Validation of the adhesion of any player from the socio-economic sector to the project.


The presidency rotates on an annual basis. The president is appointed by the Steering Committee during the first meeting of the academic year.


  • Current president for the academic year 2022-2023: Prof. Thierry Dutoit, UMONS
  • UCLouvain : Prof. Benoît Macq 
  • ULB : Prof. Gianluca Bontempi 
  • ULiège : Prof. Pierre Geurts 
  • UNAMUR : Prof. Jean-Marie Jacquet 
  • USL-B : Prof. Thierry Léonard
  • CENAERO : Caroline Sainvitu 
  • CETIC : Jean-Christophe Deprez 
  • MULTITEL: François Narbonneau 
  • Sirris : Jean-François Delaigle 
  • LiEU Network : Sandrine Brognaux  
  • Digital Wallonia4AI: Antoine Hublet  
  • AI4Belgium: Nathanaël Ackerman  
  • Research Dept, Walloon Government: Fabian Lapierre