Scientific & Ethical Committee


It is the advisory body on research. In particular, it provides guidance on :

  • TRAIL’s research strategy, and ensures its coherence;
  • Alignment of the TRAIL scientific vision with each institutional vision;
  • The enlargement of the ecosystem and calling on (inter)national experts;
  • The objectives pursued with regard to the training/mobility of researchers;
  • Compliance with the European Commission’s “Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI” and applicable regulations, including those on data.



The coordination is carried out by the Universities on a rotating annual basis. The coordination of the Scientific and Ethical Committee must be carried out by a Party other than the one chairing the Steering Committee.


  • Acting President for the academic year 2023-2024: Gilles Louppe, ULiège
  • Tom Lenaerts, ULB
  • Pierre Schaus, UCLouvain
  • Stéphane Dupont, UMons
  • Bruno Dumas, UNamur
  • Jean-Yves Parfait, MULTITEL
  • Caroline Sainvitu, CENAERO
  • Jean-Christophe Deprez, CETIC
  • Marouene Oueslati, SIRRIS