Xavier Lessage is a researcher in the Data Science department at CETIC. His main interests are artificial intelligence, cloud computing and distributed data processing (high performance computing).  One of his main areas of interest is health and more specifically, the use of artificial intelligence in health care.

The major axes of his work concern breast cancer and interventional cardiology using traditional and federated architectures. His research consists, on the one hand of evaluating Deep learning algorithms (binary classification, anomaly localisation, explicability, etc.) in the field of medical imaging with private databases (retrospective study). On the other hand, to validate the models retained in hospitals but on new images (prospective study) with the aim of analysing the behaviour of the AI in real situations.

By helping to reduce the cost and workload of doctors by combining two intelligences: the first, artificial, to make an initial analysis and the second, human, to interpret the results and make the right diagnosis. In the context of breast cancer in particular, the interpretation of a mammographic image is a difficult task and requires verification by a second reader, or even a third (in the event of discrepancies) in order to reduce the number of false negatives. The role of the second reader could be taken over by an AI, leaving time for the second reader to perform other tasks, such as that of the first reader.

To learn more about his current projects or publications : https://cutt.ly/gOigulY