As pointed out by founding professors of TRAIL, Benoît Mac and Thierry Dutoit, "AI research cannot be conducted in isolation if it's intent is to have a transformative effect on our societies for the sustainable well-being of their citizens. In this perspective, TRAIL aims to bring together a large community of researchers, supervised by professors from the six French-speaking Belgian universities as well as by researchers from the four accredited research centers, united by a strong will to develop trusted artificial intelligence at an international level of excellence.

People whose profiles are described here have signed the Researcher's Charter marking their wish to contribute at different levels of involvement in the activities of the TRAIL Institute, the TRAIL Factory, as well as in the Workshops organized internationally.

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Julien Albert

Mohamed Benkedadra

Jeremie Bogaert

Gianluca Bontempi

Tanguy Bosser

Arnaud Bougaham

Giovanni Briganti

Benoit Brummer

Corentin Burnay

Natarajan Chidambaram

Anthony Cioppa

Yann Claes

Lorenzo Colantonio

Sacha Corbugy

Cyril de Bodt

Florent De Geeter

Olivier Debeir

Christine Decaestecker

Alexandre Decan

Valentin Delchevalerie

Augustin Delecluse

Adrien Deliège

Nicolas Delinte

Victor Delvigne

Quentin Dessain

Lucile Dierckx

Miriam Doh

Bruno Dumas

Thierry Dutoit

Karim El Khoury

Elías Fernández

Jérôme Fink

François Fouss

Alberto Franzin

Laura Galvez Jiménez

Antonio García-Díaz

Pierre Geurts

Jean Gillain

Antoine Gratia

Lotfi Guedria

Anaïs Halin

Ahmad Hammoudeh

Nathan Hubens

Vân Anh Huynh-Thu

Sébastien Jodogne

Murielle Kirkove

Pierre Lambert

Gaspard Lambrechts

Tom Lenaerts

Xavier Lessage

Isabelle Linden

Gilles Louppe

Estelle Loÿen

Benoit Macq

Dani Manjah

Rebecca Marion

Tom Mens

Charlotte Nachtegael

Géraldin Nanfack

Siegfried Nijssen

Zainab Ouardirhi

Gian Marco Paldino

Lorie Pardoen

Gilles Perrouin

Sébastien Piérard

Sarah Pinon

Justine Plum

Mickael Randour

Giovanni Reina

Omer Rochman Sharabi

Caroline Sainvitu

Lionel Salesses

Jonathan Samelson

Pierre Schaus

Xavier Siebert

Antoine Sion

Sédrick Stassin

Alain Strowel

Paul Temple

Mehrdad Teratani

Noé Tits

Jean-François Toubeau

Elio Tuci

Noémie Vlaminck

Raina Zakir

Maxime Zanella

Alice Borbáth